Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Housing Grant summary June 2013

Realestate.com.au have posted an excellent article that summarises the various grants and subsidies offered in each state.

They have put together a snapshot of nationwide concessions, and any recent or forthcoming changes, to help you determine if you’re eligible, and decide if now’s the time for you to enter the property market.

Click on your state below to learn about the building incentives available to you.

To help boost new home construction, most States have announced they will stop providing grants for established homes. 

The Federal government has introduced a "First Home Saver Account" incentive program.

A first home saver account is a special purpose account. Your balance is increased by a contribution from the government, up to a limit each year if you qualify. You don't pay tax on the interest the account earns. Rules apply.  Learn more here.