Sunday, November 4, 2012

Eazy Homes is NOT Ezy Homes

Following recent comments from people contacting our office, we see there is a need to clarify that Eazy Homes (in WA) is not us - the original Ezy Homes Australia.

After spending 12 years building the Ezy Homes brand, it is quite surprising that ASIC approved the use of Eazy Homes as a business name - with both companies in the same business market.  

US - Ezy Homes Australia, since 2000, Brisbane National HQ, our own in-house developed steel pole home construction system, have supplied 100's of homes all over Australia & to PNG

THEM - Eazy Homes Australia (formerly Sharp Carpentry), since 2007, Perth based, another kit home company doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

Fortunately Eazy Homes only have a similar name to us - not a similar service standard.  Here is a recent comment from a WA client, "Thank you for being so helpful and patient. Our dealing with 'Eazyhomes' here in WA have not been half as helpful as you."

Rant over.