Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Builder Network Expands.......Again

Ezy Homes now has licensed builders available in Northern Tasmania, Sunshine Coast, & Mackay - ready to erect your steel pole kit home, or build it for you to lock-up or full completion stage.

E.T. Construction are available to construct your dream Ezy Home throughout Northern Tasmania - and are about to commence their first Ezy Homes project, in Devonport.  ET Construction is based half way between Devonport and Launceston, and is ideally located to service a large part of Northern Tasmania.

Price Construction have multiple offices and a large network of trade contractors.  They service the entire Sunshine Coast (from Pine Rivers, north to Glenwood, and west to Kingaroy - and also Central North Queensland (from Sarina, north to Bowen, and west to Collinsville - including Mackay).

Price Constructions purchasing power and well developed "back office" procedures allows them to offer Ezy Homes built in these regional centres for the same price as in a major city, like Brisbane.  In most cases, their construction estimates are slightly under the national average (see Ezy Homes Pricing & Inclusions page).
Now, potential Ezy Homes clients in these areas are able to easily obtain accurate construction quotes - and deal with a trusted licensed builder.
Ezy Homes take care of the design, drafting and initial quoting for all projects.  We then obtain fixed price quotations to construct the home to the stage that suits the individual client, by a local licensed builder.  At contract stage, the client is "handed-over" to the builder, so that they can communicate directly.  Ezy Homes do not charge the client or the builder any fee for this service.